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 Less talking, more focus on your body sensations

A spa parlor is not really a place for conversation. A massage session is not a lecture on health, not the right time for a small talk about the weather, and even more so — not a place for political debates. All this prevents the master from feeling the human body, and the client from fully perceiving what is happening. At the same time any discomfort can cause tension in the body, and reduce the effectiveness of the therapy.

So do not be silent and let the massage know if:

  • you are too cold or hot;
  • the smell of oil or other means used in the session seems unpleasant;
  • you feel that the music is too loud for you or absolutely not to your taste.

Drink enough water

Drinking plenty of water right after the massage and in the next few hours is a good idea as it helps in repairing your muscle tissues. Massage movements stimulate the lymph circulation system. Lymph collects all toxins and removes them from the body. In this process, water helps to remove toxic elements. Therefore, after a session of massage Riga Elien spa specialists recommend that you drink as much water as you can.

Eat healthy

It is better to eat light meals a couple of hours before or after the massage. If you feel hungry after a session, try not to eat right away, wait a while and then choose some light food. Green salads and steamed or lightly sauteed vegetables with a cup of herbal tea would do good. Backed products, meat, sweets and soda are not recommended as they slow down the metabolism, retain water, and you will feel heaviness in your stomach.

Take a nice long bath or a shower

When you get home after a session, you can take a bath. We recommend adding some sea or magnesium salt into the water. Magnesium sulfate is a great muscle relaxant that has a detoxifying effect. It helps to cleanse your body of toxins. However, even a simple warm bath (or shower) after the massage will be enough. Just make sure the water is warm and not hot, it will have a soothing effect on the skin.


The best way to strengthen the effect of a massage in Riga Elien spa is to rest. Take a nap or simply lie down for 30–40 minutes and relax. This will help restore the body after the session and you will finally feel the burst of energy. When a person takes a course of massage the effect of the procedures is accumulated and prolonged. If the first session feels a little painful, after several visits even active massage techniques will bring relaxation.

Practice regular sport activities

Going for a walk after a session is a good idea. It will prevent muscles from spasm, and also saturate the body with oxygen and is good for your health in general. Nothing can completely replace physical activity. Try to practice stretching, light exercise and yoga regularly.

What effect does massage give to a person not practicing any physical exercise? It relieves the overload and tones the muscles, which is very important for people who spend long hours working at the computer. This allows you to maintain your physical condition. But besides massage courses any kind of sports activity will be useful. Swimming, jogging, cardio in gym, half hour on a yoga mat at home.

To consolidate the results after the session, you can do light stretching or yoga. Light forms of exercise and stretching combinations are recommended by doctors after massage, as all types of stretching relieve muscle tension and help with relaxation.

Release your emotions

Massage is often aimed to relieve stress and release emotions. In other words, it provides deep relaxation and removes all emotional blocks that we get consciously or unconsciously. In most cases, after a session, people feel a flow of happiness, calmness and joy. If something like this happens, let it be. Don’t be afraid if you feel the tears coming, that’s ok too, let these emotions go.

What is not recommended after a massage

  • Avoid any type of intense workout or any other strenuous activity, including running.
  • Try to avoid caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee, and alcohol beverages, as they can cause dehydration.
  • It is not recommended to eat heavy food. It won’t provide you with energy but will make you feel tired and less active.
  • Avoid anything that can lead to increased blood pressure level. It could be loud music, a thriller or a book that makes you too excited.
Wednesday, 02 March 2022 16:39

5 reasons to book a massage

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Massage helps relieve neck pain and headaches

Headache is not always a signal of serious diseases, it often comes from excessive overexertion of the neck muscles, which is accompanied by a weak blood flow to the brain. Long hours spent by computers, laptops and other gadgets, as well as reading in an uncomfortable position, negatively affect the health of the spine.

In such cases taking painkillers is not an option, it is better to carry out a half hour collar zone massage. Speaking about spa Riga is lucky to have an Elien spa parlor. Facial massage performed by our specialists does wonders in relaxing and taking your mind away. Light massaging of the temporal zone and the area behind the ears is also helpful.

Boosts immunity and improves overall well-being

Thai massage is a whole health system recommended for depression, sleep disturbances, including insomnia, increased tiredness and muscle spasms. It relieves tension, promotes complete relaxation and improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Back pains go away, joints and ligaments work smoothly, the circulatory system improves. The whole body begins to cleanse itself, you become slimmer, even cellulite becomes less noticeable.

Also, thanks to Thai technique from Elien spa in Riga, your stress level decreases, you become calm and balanced, sleep improves, problems of the genitourinary system disappear, peace and harmony with yourself appear. Massage starts a rejuvenation program and life changes radically.

The modern complex method of myo reflexion technique helps to gently rebuild the processes in the body by pressing hands on trigger points, muscle chains, fascial membranes, internal organs, vertebrae and joints.

Eliminates chronic stress and tension

Quality sleep is an essential aspect of well-being and alertness throughout the day. A massage course will help to improve it and get rid of insomnia. It relieves tension, reduces the level of stress hormones in blood. It also helps to establish biorhythms through the production of serotonin, which controls the human biological clock.

Relaxing oil massage combined with aromatherapy is a perfect choice for such matters. Lavender, chamomile, cypress, cedarwood, neroli, and frankincense essential oils can enhance the effect of the therapy.

Eliminates cellulite and excess weight

Diet and exercise alone can often not be the answer to the problem. But accompanied with anti-cellulite massage techniques they surely help your skin and subcutaneous fat improve dramatically. Thanks to the intensive warming up of the muscles, anti-cellulite technique improves the blood microcirculation. Metabolic process and lymph flow is activated and the process of splitting fat cells is accelerated. All together these processes help remove excess fluid from your body, increase muscle tone and improve skin structure.

A course of massage in Elien spa Riga reduces the appearance of new cellulite, making the skin on the thighs and buttocks smoother. To achieve maximum results through massage, it is important to rethink your diet to a balanced one, include special cosmetics in your day to day care routine, and engage in active sports. Visceral techniques will help to normalize the work of all internal organs and the digestive system.

Reduces muscle fatigue after exercise

Sports massage is an effective method of strengthening muscles and preventing various injuries. There are 3 categories of sports massage - recovery, preparatory and training. All three methods are aimed to increase the efficiency of muscles, improves the mobility of ligaments and joints.

Swedish massage technique involves a deep effect on the muscles. It is performed by qualified massage of Elien spa in Riga. It helps to improve flexibility, relieve swelling and fatigue, eliminate muscle spasms, stimulate blood circulation and speed up the recovery period after injuries.

Saturday, 12 February 2022 22:54

Elien SPA

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Specially developed rejuvenation SPA treatments for travelers. Studio Elien SPA in Riga is conveniently located in the middle of the Old Town. Here you can spend time in a relaxing, pleasant and friendly atmosphere. We offer highest-quality massages, SPA rituals and therapies, and various skin care procedures. All treatments are performed by professional specialists. After the session you will feel deeply harmonized, full of positive energy for the whole day, with a smile on your face and peace in your mind.


We offer a wide range of massages:


Qualified specialists use various pressure techniques and methods of exposure, using essential oils and additional accessories. Here at Elien SPA Riga we know how to relieve muscle spasms through the work with trigger points. Such massage has a strong therapeutic effect and relieves soreness in muscles. If you want the procedure to bring a long-term effect, we recommend visiting a massage regularly or taking a course. In this case, you will get an enhanced cumulative result.

Relax and wellness

SPA procedures bring better results when they include a combination of various techniques influencing both body and skin. Sign up with us at Elien SPA Riga for a special DAY SPA. A carefully selected set of procedures lasting 3 hours consists of body massages, peelings and wraps, face massages and cosmetic facials.


Skin care and SPA treatments:


The Antistress day SPA program is ideal for people who live in the fast rhythm of a big city, experiencing chronic fatigue and background stress at work. A day at the SPA in Riga will help you relax your body and mind, stopping the flow of negative thoughts. It is an effective way to quickly restore your energy level, feel happiness and tranquility to life. The program is specially designed so that you can relax and rest in a short time, relieve emotional stress, and increase the adaptive capabilities of the body.


Check our website for the special offers daily.

Contact information:

+371 25 731 471



Saturday, 12 February 2022 22:49

Elien Spa

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It is important to give yourself a quality time to rest with your body and mind. One high-quality SPA treatment followed with light pleasant music, nice interior, polite and friendly staff feels like several days of vacation. We are happy to help deeply relax, bring your thoughts to order and distract you from everyday worries in the Elien SPA Riga parlor, located in the middle of the Old Town.

We offer our customers various types of traditional, classic healing, relaxing and ethnic massage. Our specialists are constantly improving their skills and learning new techniques. So, we can offer you Thai massage and Ayurvedic treatments. You can select health-improving, rejuvenating and relaxing types of procedures.

Massage specialists from Elien SPA in Riga are professionally trained in the methods of deep therapeutic and preventive massage, which helps to recover from injuries and excessive sport or work loads. It also helps relieve muscle spasms and influences the most important trigger points in the body through local acupuncture pressure. This massage technique not only relieves current pain in the body, but also gives a healing effect. For a sustainable result, we suggest taking a course of Latvian Traditional Classic massage or Sports massage in our studio.

We also recommend procedures that combine body and skin care. If you want to relax and smooth your skin, try our Honey massage or Chocolate massage.

Day spa

Spend a few hours of vacation in the bustle of the city. Give yourself a proper break. You will receive comprehensive body care in a pleasant relaxing environment. Feel the reboot, fill with fresh energy, recharge your systems.

Elien SPA in Riga offers 4 types of day spa programs for beauty and health including our specialty, Antistress Day SPA. It combines alternating deep antistress massage, foot and head massage, essential oils aromatherapy, facial treatment and stone treatment.

We can plan an individual program lasting 3 to 5 hours according to your wishes. A combination of active and relaxing massage, cleansing and nourishing skin care provides a complex effect on the whole body: front and back surfaces, feet, hands. Complete the program with a visit to the infrared sauna, cosmetic facial treatment or the Ayurvedic Shirodhara Ritual.

Skin Care SPA Treatments

Stress and an unhealthy or even too busy lifestyle immediately lead to a decrease in human immunity, which negatively affects the condition of the skin and hair, and provokes weight gain. SPA procedures help to significantly improve the condition of the skin, providing moisturizing, rejuvenating and lifting effects.

SPA care components are therapeutic mud, sea salts and seaweed extracts, essential oils, thermal water, and cosmetics. Coffee Peeling for the Body and Fruit peeling for the feet are effective procedures. Exfoliates promote natural renewal of the skin's surface, resulting in softness and improved appearance. Treatment has a beneficial effect on the entire body.

A face mask with hyaluronic acid and a face mask with collagen in the hands of a professional specialist help to tighten the face oval, reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. SPA care improves the smoothness and elasticity of the skin, evens out the face tone. To consolidate the result, we recommend visiting care procedures on a regular basis.

We are waiting for you at Elien SPA Riga.

You can reach us by phone, or through social media.

Contact info:

+371 25 731 471



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Spring is in the air! The flowers and trees are blooming; birds are chirping and bees are buzzing.

Spring is the season of hope and renewal. It is time to shed the old, and welcome the new. Of course, many of us take the opportunity to clean our homes at this time of year.

It feels natural and refreshing to enter summer with a house smelling of cleanliness and newly scoured floors. Giving the carpets a good beating, emptying closest of unnecessary clutter is a great way of preparing for the sunny and bright months ahead.

And don’t even mention all the work that needs to be done in the garden this time of year! There’s planting and weeding and all sorts of other duties that must be taken care of to make sure we are surrounded by a lush and lovely garden during the summer.

But what about ourselves? What about our bodies, our minds? Couldn’t we do with some refreshing decluttering, a clean sweep, some thorough, deep cleaning?

Prepare for spring by cleansing body & mind

We are coming out of a long winter (well at least, here in Riga on the Baltic coast!). It is time to shake off the dust that gathered during the cold months, spent largely inside.

You might feel a bit heavy. A bit lethargic. In need of a boost. The sun is back. The air is getting warmer, the nights longer. The birds and the bees are full of pep, filling the air with their incessant activity.

But you might need a little push to get into the season’s prevailing mood of refreshment and energy. Perhaps you didn’t exercise enough over winter. Perhaps you ate a bit extra to keep the cold out. Perhaps you just feel mentally heavy.

Either way, it can be great to ease into spring by cleaning your body and your mind – just like your home! If you are feeling more like a bear, roused from its deep hibernation than a sprightly swallow dancing in the air, we have the solution for you: Spa treatments are spring cleaning for your body and your mind!

Elien spa has a great choice of invigorating spa treatments

Here at our spa in the heart of Riga’s old town, you will find the treatment you need in order to prepare for spring. We will pamper you, if that’s what you need. We can cover you in honey and chocolate, and make sure to put a joyous smile on your face.

We can also give you massages that will have you bursting with energy. You will feel younger, fresher and full of vigor.

If you more than anything feel like you need to relax in order to declutter your mind and shake off the winter heaviness, we can do that also. Our treatments offer the most completely calming and soothing experiences for body and mind.

So, don’t hesitate: let Elien Spa take care of the most important part of your spring cleaning – yourself.

Sunday, 14 April 2019 19:06

Strengthen your body with a massage

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Going to the gym, doing other types of physical activity, and eating right are all important parts of taking good care of your body. But another method that offers even more potential benefits is a good massage.

A massage is the perfect accompaniment for a workout, or other types of exercise. Anything from running a marathon to taking a brisk stroll around Riga. If you use your body actively, it will benefit from massage.

This goes both for before and after you exercise, by the way!

A massage therapist will knead your muscles in a way that frees them up. He can also manipulate joints and tendons so that they gain greater mobility and elasticity. All these aspects help your body become more resistant to injuries, and capable of enduring greater amounts of activity.

Basically, there is no reason not to get a massage in conjunction with your exercise regimen. The benefits will always be there.

A massage can strengthen many parts of the organism

That a thorough massage is good for muscles, joints and tendons is perhaps not breaking news. Sportspeople have worked with masseurs for many, many decades. But there are other reasons for this too.

A massage can help strengthen your spine also. This offers a great deal of positive outcomes for the entire body. A strong back is essential for all kinds of activities. You basically can’t move if your back is not cooperating. Many of our readers probably know that all too well from painful, personal experience.

Also, your internal organs can benefit from a massage. The same goes for your vascular system. A massage can improve anything from your digestive system to your skin tone.

Among the reasons for this, is that a massage has a lot in common with a strenuous workout. Your body needs to move. It needs to get warmed up. It needs to feel that it is being put to use. Your muscles are probably crying out for more action if you – like most of us – have a sedentary lifestyle.

A massage is an effective way of achieving this. With very low impact, and virtually no risk of injury. For this reason, a massage is ideal for people trying to get into shape. It is a lot easier to go from low activity via a massage to high-level activity, than going straight from high to low.

At Elien Spa we have a massage workout that fits for you

Regardles of your level of fitness or ambition, we have the right massage for you. You can come to our Spa Studio in the heart of Riga after and before your exercise routine. You can come here as a first step towards beginning a new exercise regimen. And you can come here just to give your body a nice, relaxing workout that will strengthen it in so many ways.

Our professional massage therapists will listen to your needs and wishes, and recommend the best treatment available.

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Your feet are tremendously important for all aspects of your wellbeing. Your posture, your mobility, your spine – all depend directly on how healthy your feet are.

But that is not all. Far from it. Your feet also influence your mood. Just think about how annoying it is to go through your day with aching feet. Either due to uncomfortable shoes or other causes. It can be a real downer when such a natural and important part of your day as walking or even standing becomes a painful ordeal.

And then there is the fact that the soles of your feet have pressure points that are connected to the rest of your body. Particularly your internal organs. In ancient Chinese medicine reflexology, focusing on the feet has been used for thousands of years for this specific reason.

So, it’s no exaggeration to say that you had better take good care of your feet!

Your feet are under great stress

It is easy to take things you rely on every day for granted. Not many of us remember to be thankful we can have a hot shower in the morning, or to say thank you to the coffee machine. The same goes for our bodies. Have you ever really considered how much your feet do for you on a daily basis? And how much you put them through?

When we move around, when we cook, exercise, do the shopping, basically all daily activities you can imagine that require any physical effort at all, our feet carry us. We stand on them. We walk on them. We use them to pedal our bicycles. All the time they support our weight. And absorb the pressure of our steps. Again, and again, and again.

And yet – do we appreciate them? Not as much as we should!

Your happiness depends on your feet

It is obvious that our feet are so important to our daily lives that even the smallest injury can have dire consequences. If your feet are too tender or sore to function properly, we end up severely restricted in every way.

We end up being passive. Unable to get out of the house. To do the chores we need to. To partake in the fun activities, we looked forward to.

But even so, many of us fail to look after our feet the way we should. Luckily help is at hand!

This is how to show your feet that you love them!

Here at Elien Spa in the heart of Riga, we know exactly how to make your feet happy! We offer a long list of foot treatments that are guaranteed to make your feet smile.

You can treat yourself to different types of foot massages, and spa treatments especially focused on the feet.

Just stop by, and our professional therapists will do the rest. If you are visiting our city and want to explore it by walking, we highly recommend visiting us first!

Tuesday, 22 January 2019 15:37

It’s OK to spoil yourself a little

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It’s OK to spoil yourself a little

There’s nothing wrong about being a little bit extra kind to yourself now and then. Perhaps you feel you deserve a treat? Or have earned some sort of delicious reward? Then what are you waiting for? Go give yourself the extra little goodies you crave. After all, if you’re not spoiling yourself, who will?

In today’s hectic and demanding world, it is more important than ever to make sure you look after yourself. It goes without saying that we look at what we eat and drink. Everybody knows how important it is for our bodies that we do enough exercise and other forms of physical activity.

But what about your soul, your spiritual essence? How do you care for this aspect of your being? Both for your mental and physical health, the importance of feeling happy and content is enormous. The value of enjoyment to your quality of life cannot be overstated. That’s why constantly being firm with yourself, disciplining yourself and sticking to sensible meals and acts of self-denial, day after day after day simply isn’t good for you.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to spoil yourself a little. One of the healthiest things you can do, is to really go out there and show yourself how much you like yourself. It is joyous to indulge your own good self. Buy yourself that new dress you’ve had your eyes on. Treat yourself to something extra nice for dinner. Allow yourself that special bottle of wine. The least you can do is give yourself a lie-in on the weekend.

A spa treatment is the ultimate self-indulgence

But if you are serious about spoiling yourself; if you think you deserve something truly luxurious, something that will make you feel spectacular and truly appreciated, a spa treatment is what you’re after.

A spa offers an unbeatable combination of physical enjoyment and spiritual relaxation. Tension is relieved. Stress evaporates. And your whole organism fills with bliss.

Here at Elien Spa in the heart of Riga, we offer many spa treatments that are perfectly luxurious. They are simply the perfect treat.

How about our chocolate spa massage? Just imagine how special you would feel as warm, thick chocolate covers your skin; the wonderful aroma fills your nostrils and passes through your body as pure joy.

We also offer many other, similarly delectable treatments. You can savor a coffee peel, any number of footbaths and face treatments, such as massages and peels. All of them are perfect for an indulgence. They do not have to break the bank either. A 3-hour day spa, consisting of a chocolate spa massage, a coffee peel, a face massage and a face mask will only set you back €195.

A small price to pay for long-lasting, deep relaxation, and showing yourself just how much you appreciate who you are. We are waiting for you, ready to give you the treat that you know you deserve.

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Our beautiful city of Riga has many charms. Visitors flock here from all over Europe, and even further afield. Our beautiful architecture, rich history and welcoming hospitality have helped turn the city into one of the premier destinations in the region.

But one thing most guests, and even we locals, could do without is the winter weather. For even though the snow turns our old town into a winter wonderland, it does become very cold indeed.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to protect yourself against the frosty condition. Savoring a hot chocolate or perhaps a mug of mulled wine in one of our many cozy coffee shops, or going for a strenuous walk can help keep the cold at bay. But nothing works better than enjoying a sauna!

The sauna has a long history around the Baltic sea. The tradition of warming up a small log cabin with hot stones goes back many centuries. This sort of sweat lodge has helped the hardy people who have made this corner of Europe their home stay warm and healthy despite the harsh climate.

Thursday, 10 January 2019 23:46

Foot massage – the macho trend for 2019!

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Did you know that ever more men choose to have a foot massage? The trend has been ongoing for a while. But is expected to explode in the new year!

The signs have been around for a while. Men have discovered many new things lately that used to be only for us ladies. Such as skin creams, manicures and moisturizers. Now the time has come for foot massage!

There are many good reasons for this.

Of course, men also like to be pampered. And a foot massage is a lovely way to give yourself a well-earned treat!

But you also get a lot of other important benefits. Obviously, your feet are in action a lot of the time. And even though guys tend to wear more comfortable footwear than us girls, their feet can still ache at the end of a long day.