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It’s OK to spoil yourself a little

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It’s OK to spoil yourself a little

There’s nothing wrong about being a little bit extra kind to yourself now and then. Perhaps you feel you deserve a treat? Or have earned some sort of delicious reward? Then what are you waiting for? Go give yourself the extra little goodies you crave. After all, if you’re not spoiling yourself, who will?

In today’s hectic and demanding world, it is more important than ever to make sure you look after yourself. It goes without saying that we look at what we eat and drink. Everybody knows how important it is for our bodies that we do enough exercise and other forms of physical activity.

But what about your soul, your spiritual essence? How do you care for this aspect of your being? Both for your mental and physical health, the importance of feeling happy and content is enormous. The value of enjoyment to your quality of life cannot be overstated. That’s why constantly being firm with yourself, disciplining yourself and sticking to sensible meals and acts of self-denial, day after day after day simply isn’t good for you.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to spoil yourself a little. One of the healthiest things you can do, is to really go out there and show yourself how much you like yourself. It is joyous to indulge your own good self. Buy yourself that new dress you’ve had your eyes on. Treat yourself to something extra nice for dinner. Allow yourself that special bottle of wine. The least you can do is give yourself a lie-in on the weekend.

A spa treatment is the ultimate self-indulgence

But if you are serious about spoiling yourself; if you think you deserve something truly luxurious, something that will make you feel spectacular and truly appreciated, a spa treatment is what you’re after.

A spa offers an unbeatable combination of physical enjoyment and spiritual relaxation. Tension is relieved. Stress evaporates. And your whole organism fills with bliss.

Here at Elien Spa in the heart of Riga, we offer many spa treatments that are perfectly luxurious. They are simply the perfect treat.

How about our chocolate spa massage? Just imagine how special you would feel as warm, thick chocolate covers your skin; the wonderful aroma fills your nostrils and passes through your body as pure joy.

We also offer many other, similarly delectable treatments. You can savor a coffee peel, any number of footbaths and face treatments, such as massages and peels. All of them are perfect for an indulgence. They do not have to break the bank either. A 3-hour day spa, consisting of a chocolate spa massage, a coffee peel, a face massage and a face mask will only set you back €195.

A small price to pay for long-lasting, deep relaxation, and showing yourself just how much you appreciate who you are. We are waiting for you, ready to give you the treat that you know you deserve.

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