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Refreshing spa treatments – spring cleaning for body & mind

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Spring is in the air! The flowers and trees are blooming; birds are chirping and bees are buzzing.

Spring is the season of hope and renewal. It is time to shed the old, and welcome the new. Of course, many of us take the opportunity to clean our homes at this time of year.

It feels natural and refreshing to enter summer with a house smelling of cleanliness and newly scoured floors. Giving the carpets a good beating, emptying closest of unnecessary clutter is a great way of preparing for the sunny and bright months ahead.

And don’t even mention all the work that needs to be done in the garden this time of year! There’s planting and weeding and all sorts of other duties that must be taken care of to make sure we are surrounded by a lush and lovely garden during the summer.

But what about ourselves? What about our bodies, our minds? Couldn’t we do with some refreshing decluttering, a clean sweep, some thorough, deep cleaning?

Prepare for spring by cleansing body & mind

We are coming out of a long winter (well at least, here in Riga on the Baltic coast!). It is time to shake off the dust that gathered during the cold months, spent largely inside.

You might feel a bit heavy. A bit lethargic. In need of a boost. The sun is back. The air is getting warmer, the nights longer. The birds and the bees are full of pep, filling the air with their incessant activity.

But you might need a little push to get into the season’s prevailing mood of refreshment and energy. Perhaps you didn’t exercise enough over winter. Perhaps you ate a bit extra to keep the cold out. Perhaps you just feel mentally heavy.

Either way, it can be great to ease into spring by cleaning your body and your mind – just like your home! If you are feeling more like a bear, roused from its deep hibernation than a sprightly swallow dancing in the air, we have the solution for you: Spa treatments are spring cleaning for your body and your mind!

Elien spa has a great choice of invigorating spa treatments

Here at our spa in the heart of Riga’s old town, you will find the treatment you need in order to prepare for spring. We will pamper you, if that’s what you need. We can cover you in honey and chocolate, and make sure to put a joyous smile on your face.

We can also give you massages that will have you bursting with energy. You will feel younger, fresher and full of vigor.

If you more than anything feel like you need to relax in order to declutter your mind and shake off the winter heaviness, we can do that also. Our treatments offer the most completely calming and soothing experiences for body and mind.

So, don’t hesitate: let Elien Spa take care of the most important part of your spring cleaning – yourself.

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