Thai Foot Massage

No part of a human body causes such a spectrum of emotions as feet. 

Special energy points located on feet stimulate the work of internal organs that explains their increased sensitivity. Thus, by massaging your feet, you activate the potential of the whole organism.

It is believed that this is a spiritual practice and an alternative to practicing yoga.

The spectrum of effects on the human body is great: from solving problems with digestion and normalizing blood pressure to internal emancipation and accepting oneself.

Thai massage is something more than just kneading tissues and muscles. This is the work with energy points and flows passing in the human body, which allows you to heal both the body and the human spirit, closely interrelated. Why Thai foot massage has such a high popularity in Riga and around the world?

On the surface of the foot is a lot of energy points, influencing on which you can adjust the condition of the internal organs such as the digestive and biliary system, nervous and cardiovascular system, organs of vision and hearing etc. the Massage is performed on the entire area of the foot, gently stretching each finger on the foot and was actively massaged all the reflex points. After a few sessions you will feel as if you were born again.

  • 30 minutes-35 eur
  • 1 hour - 60 eur



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