Pregnancy Body Massage

It is difficult for man to imagine what the emerging of a new life. However, women are sometimes hardly better aware of what is happening with them: some pregnant women can slightly adjust their usual schedule, while others feel as if being in an open space.

Female body unpredictably reacts to the new circumstance. Therefore, it is important to help your body in a timely manner to cope with alarming symptoms that are individual for each woman.

Massage for pregnant women is the most delicate of all existing types of physical therapy. It can be of two types:

  •  common

The abdomen area is fully escaped;

  • local

When a therapist works with the most problematic zone.

Massage will be equally effective for active, working moms, and for those who have decided to fully devote themselves to the new role. Depending on the general condition of a woman, massage will help:

  • Energize and revitalize;
  • Balance the work of internal organs;
  • Accelerate reduced metabolism;
  • Calm and relax especially exciting and sensitive characters;
  • Maintain the body in good fit, which is especially important in connection with the upcoming birth.

  • 1 hour - 70 euros


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