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How to keep and intensify the effect of massage

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 Less talking, more focus on your body sensations

A spa parlor is not really a place for conversation. A massage session is not a lecture on health, not the right time for a small talk about the weather, and even more so — not a place for political debates. All this prevents the master from feeling the human body, and the client from fully perceiving what is happening. At the same time any discomfort can cause tension in the body, and reduce the effectiveness of the therapy.

So do not be silent and let the massage know if:

  • you are too cold or hot;
  • the smell of oil or other means used in the session seems unpleasant;
  • you feel that the music is too loud for you or absolutely not to your taste.

Drink enough water

Drinking plenty of water right after the massage and in the next few hours is a good idea as it helps in repairing your muscle tissues. Massage movements stimulate the lymph circulation system. Lymph collects all toxins and removes them from the body. In this process, water helps to remove toxic elements. Therefore, after a session of massage Riga Elien spa specialists recommend that you drink as much water as you can.

Eat healthy

It is better to eat light meals a couple of hours before or after the massage. If you feel hungry after a session, try not to eat right away, wait a while and then choose some light food. Green salads and steamed or lightly sauteed vegetables with a cup of herbal tea would do good. Backed products, meat, sweets and soda are not recommended as they slow down the metabolism, retain water, and you will feel heaviness in your stomach.

Take a nice long bath or a shower

When you get home after a session, you can take a bath. We recommend adding some sea or magnesium salt into the water. Magnesium sulfate is a great muscle relaxant that has a detoxifying effect. It helps to cleanse your body of toxins. However, even a simple warm bath (or shower) after the massage will be enough. Just make sure the water is warm and not hot, it will have a soothing effect on the skin.


The best way to strengthen the effect of a massage in Riga Elien spa is to rest. Take a nap or simply lie down for 30–40 minutes and relax. This will help restore the body after the session and you will finally feel the burst of energy. When a person takes a course of massage the effect of the procedures is accumulated and prolonged. If the first session feels a little painful, after several visits even active massage techniques will bring relaxation.

Practice regular sport activities

Going for a walk after a session is a good idea. It will prevent muscles from spasm, and also saturate the body with oxygen and is good for your health in general. Nothing can completely replace physical activity. Try to practice stretching, light exercise and yoga regularly.

What effect does massage give to a person not practicing any physical exercise? It relieves the overload and tones the muscles, which is very important for people who spend long hours working at the computer. This allows you to maintain your physical condition. But besides massage courses any kind of sports activity will be useful. Swimming, jogging, cardio in gym, half hour on a yoga mat at home.

To consolidate the results after the session, you can do light stretching or yoga. Light forms of exercise and stretching combinations are recommended by doctors after massage, as all types of stretching relieve muscle tension and help with relaxation.

Release your emotions

Massage is often aimed to relieve stress and release emotions. In other words, it provides deep relaxation and removes all emotional blocks that we get consciously or unconsciously. In most cases, after a session, people feel a flow of happiness, calmness and joy. If something like this happens, let it be. Don’t be afraid if you feel the tears coming, that’s ok too, let these emotions go.

What is not recommended after a massage

  • Avoid any type of intense workout or any other strenuous activity, including running.
  • Try to avoid caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee, and alcohol beverages, as they can cause dehydration.
  • It is not recommended to eat heavy food. It won’t provide you with energy but will make you feel tired and less active.
  • Avoid anything that can lead to increased blood pressure level. It could be loud music, a thriller or a book that makes you too excited.
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