Foot & Leg Massage

We spend our lives on the move, travelling within our home, office, city, country, and the whole world. The slightest problems with feet can permanently knock a person out of the usual schedule.

You should ensure the maximum lightness of movement, increase efficiency and prevent the diseases of veins – that is why you should pay attention to the foot & leg massage in Elien SPA salon.

The massage is carried out on the entire surface of buttocks, thighs, legs and feet. When you choose the course of foot massage, you get much more, i.e.:

  • Get rid of the tension in legs;
  • Relieve soreness when walking;
  • Prevent the varicose of veins;
  • Directly affect cellulite;
  • Improve the quality of sleep;
  • Model healthy beautiful appearance of your feet;
  • Massage energy points located on feet, improving the work of internal organs.

We often postpone scheduling a massage as we need to get done with so many things during a day, that we barely have time for ourselves. Spend just 1 hour for foot massage instead of regular shopping and see the immediate result. So, how about starting with the foot massage?

  • 45 minutes - 60 euros
  • 1 hour - 70 euros
  • 1.15 hour - 80 euros



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