Hot Stone Massage

"A time to cast away stones and a time to gather stones" – that is what the Bible wisdom says. Indeed, we shall do everything at the proper time. However, it is so difficult to maintain the internal balance in today's high-speed world.

Stone therapy is a tool that has been tested for centuries. Since ancient times, stones are considered a powerful tool for working with person’s energy body and purifying chakras.

Professional stone massage involves a contrast effect on the body. Heat helps to relax, release negative thoughts. Cold energizes, helps to rejuvenate skin and concentrate in the situation of chronic stress.

In the process of the massage, warm and cold stones are involved:

  • Basalt of volcanic origin is used to warm up muscles, unlock clamps and zones of increased tension.
  • The natural features of stone help to achieve the cooling effect.

Stone therapy is a pleasant and safe procedure that will be useful for those who

  • constantly live in a multitasking mode,
  • have the tendency to reflect and live in unproductive states such as:
  • apathy,
  • depression
  • and mental disorders.

Presenting a close person a massage session with hot stones at Elien SPA located in the center of Riga - what could be better?

Give energy and health to your loved ones!

Honey massage is indispensable for overweight, cellulite and skin irregularities. The procedure solves the problems in a complex way: the active components of honey cleanse and intensively nourish the skin. Honey massage helps to improve the" breathing " of the skin and blood circulation, elimination of toxins from the body, reduce fat deposits.

After a course of this massage improves elasticity, turgor of skin increases cell regeneration. Important property of honey massage - increase of immunity, restoration of normal work of joints. Professional honey massage in Riga is an actual and demanded procedure. It helps, in particular, in the treatment of degenerative disc disease.


  • 1 hour — 75 euro
  • 1,5 hours – 105 euro
  • 2 hours — 125 euro




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