Swedish Massage

Swedish massage surpasses classic massage in the strength of the impact and is more sparing than sports massage. It is an effective means of identifying problem areas.

 Choosing a professional Swedish massage, you get:

  • Balancing the muscular frame of the body;
  • Increased flexibility and elasticity of joints;
  • Relaxing and fatigue relief;
  • Reduction of swelling and compaction;
  • Reduction of post-traumatic scars;
  • Normalization of metabolism and lymph flow;
  • The ability to adjust weight in a qualitative way (in combination with an individual nutrition program).

The effectiveness of the technique is confirmed by numerous medical studies. Swedish massage can be recommended by a doctor as an after-injury rehabilitation, and is suitable for those who:

  • want to develop flexibility and cope with muscle tension during sports or yoga;
  • are engaged in dancing, or master the ballet stretch;
  • want to stay fresh and fit;
  • have the assumptions for the development of fibromyalgia.

You should first consult with the spa therapist. The procedure has contraindications to get Swedish massage in Elien Spa.

  • hour – 85 euros
  • 1,5 hours – 125 euros

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