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Elien Spa

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It is important to give yourself a quality time to rest with your body and mind. One high-quality SPA treatment followed with light pleasant music, nice interior, polite and friendly staff feels like several days of vacation. We are happy to help deeply relax, bring your thoughts to order and distract you from everyday worries in the Elien SPA Riga parlor, located in the middle of the Old Town.

We offer our customers various types of traditional, classic healing, relaxing and ethnic massage. Our specialists are constantly improving their skills and learning new techniques. So, we can offer you Thai massage and Ayurvedic treatments. You can select health-improving, rejuvenating and relaxing types of procedures.

Massage specialists from Elien SPA in Riga are professionally trained in the methods of deep therapeutic and preventive massage, which helps to recover from injuries and excessive sport or work loads. It also helps relieve muscle spasms and influences the most important trigger points in the body through local acupuncture pressure. This massage technique not only relieves current pain in the body, but also gives a healing effect. For a sustainable result, we suggest taking a course of Latvian Traditional Classic massage or Sports massage in our studio.

We also recommend procedures that combine body and skin care. If you want to relax and smooth your skin, try our Honey massage or Chocolate massage.

Day spa

Spend a few hours of vacation in the bustle of the city. Give yourself a proper break. You will receive comprehensive body care in a pleasant relaxing environment. Feel the reboot, fill with fresh energy, recharge your systems.

Elien SPA in Riga offers 4 types of day spa programs for beauty and health including our specialty, Antistress Day SPA. It combines alternating deep antistress massage, foot and head massage, essential oils aromatherapy, facial treatment and stone treatment.

We can plan an individual program lasting 3 to 5 hours according to your wishes. A combination of active and relaxing massage, cleansing and nourishing skin care provides a complex effect on the whole body: front and back surfaces, feet, hands. Complete the program with a visit to the infrared sauna, cosmetic facial treatment or the Ayurvedic Shirodhara Ritual.

Skin Care SPA Treatments

Stress and an unhealthy or even too busy lifestyle immediately lead to a decrease in human immunity, which negatively affects the condition of the skin and hair, and provokes weight gain. SPA procedures help to significantly improve the condition of the skin, providing moisturizing, rejuvenating and lifting effects.

SPA care components are therapeutic mud, sea salts and seaweed extracts, essential oils, thermal water, and cosmetics. Coffee Peeling for the Body and Fruit peeling for the feet are effective procedures. Exfoliates promote natural renewal of the skin's surface, resulting in softness and improved appearance. Treatment has a beneficial effect on the entire body.

A face mask with hyaluronic acid and a face mask with collagen in the hands of a professional specialist help to tighten the face oval, reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. SPA care improves the smoothness and elasticity of the skin, evens out the face tone. To consolidate the result, we recommend visiting care procedures on a regular basis.

We are waiting for you at Elien SPA Riga.

You can reach us by phone, or through social media.

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