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Strengthen your body with a massage

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Going to the gym, doing other types of physical activity, and eating right are all important parts of taking good care of your body. But another method that offers even more potential benefits is a good massage.

A massage is the perfect accompaniment for a workout, or other types of exercise. Anything from running a marathon to taking a brisk stroll around Riga. If you use your body actively, it will benefit from massage.

This goes both for before and after you exercise, by the way!

A massage therapist will knead your muscles in a way that frees them up. He can also manipulate joints and tendons so that they gain greater mobility and elasticity. All these aspects help your body become more resistant to injuries, and capable of enduring greater amounts of activity.

Basically, there is no reason not to get a massage in conjunction with your exercise regimen. The benefits will always be there.

A massage can strengthen many parts of the organism

That a thorough massage is good for muscles, joints and tendons is perhaps not breaking news. Sportspeople have worked with masseurs for many, many decades. But there are other reasons for this too.

A massage can help strengthen your spine also. This offers a great deal of positive outcomes for the entire body. A strong back is essential for all kinds of activities. You basically can’t move if your back is not cooperating. Many of our readers probably know that all too well from painful, personal experience.

Also, your internal organs can benefit from a massage. The same goes for your vascular system. A massage can improve anything from your digestive system to your skin tone.

Among the reasons for this, is that a massage has a lot in common with a strenuous workout. Your body needs to move. It needs to get warmed up. It needs to feel that it is being put to use. Your muscles are probably crying out for more action if you – like most of us – have a sedentary lifestyle.

A massage is an effective way of achieving this. With very low impact, and virtually no risk of injury. For this reason, a massage is ideal for people trying to get into shape. It is a lot easier to go from low activity via a massage to high-level activity, than going straight from high to low.

At Elien Spa we have a massage workout that fits for you

Regardles of your level of fitness or ambition, we have the right massage for you. You can come to our Spa Studio in the heart of Riga after and before your exercise routine. You can come here as a first step towards beginning a new exercise regimen. And you can come here just to give your body a nice, relaxing workout that will strengthen it in so many ways.

Our professional massage therapists will listen to your needs and wishes, and recommend the best treatment available.

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