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Foot massage – the macho trend for 2019!

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Did you know that ever more men choose to have a foot massage? The trend has been ongoing for a while. But is expected to explode in the new year!

The signs have been around for a while. Men have discovered many new things lately that used to be only for us ladies. Such as skin creams, manicures and moisturizers. Now the time has come for foot massage!

There are many good reasons for this.

Of course, men also like to be pampered. And a foot massage is a lovely way to give yourself a well-earned treat!

But you also get a lot of other important benefits. Obviously, your feet are in action a lot of the time. And even though guys tend to wear more comfortable footwear than us girls, their feet can still ache at the end of a long day.

The best, proven way to alleviate sore feet is a high-quality massage. A foot massage revitalizes and removes tension. It makes the feet feel fresh and strong. You really feel a spring in your step when you step out of the massage chair. A feeling that usually lasts a fair few hours, sometimes days.

A lot of the guys who now flock to spas in order to get their feet massaged are sporty. The kind of man who looks after himself and works out a lot. Obviously, the added stress of physical exercise heightens the need for a massage.

Having said that, also couch potatoes love to have a foot massage. Not least because it actually works as a workout, giving added energy to the entire organism!

Elien spa offers a manly foot massage!

Here at Elien spa in the heart of Riga, our professional massage therapists have several years of experience. They give some of the best foot massages around.

We have noticed the trend already. More and more men are asking about our foot massages. Of course, we are happy to help them out.

Many prefer the basic foot massage, but more and more opt for the delightful Thai foot massage package. That way they also get to savor the sensuous feeling of oil being rubbed on their feet.

 Many of our guests are tourists who come to enjoy the many delights of Riga. And what better way to unwind and re-energize after a long day of sightseeing and promenading than treating yourself to a foot massage?

This obviously works equally well for guys and girls!

Of course, not everybody has caught up with the new trend just yet. So, if you’re traveling with a guy – perhaps a boyfriend or a husband - who is still hesitant about having a spa treatment, please bring him along.

We’d love to introduce another macho man to the joys of a good foot massage. We have already won over many coverts. Why not let us help you turn your special guy into another spa-enthusiast?

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