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Fight the Baltic Winter with a Steaming Hot Sauna!

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Our beautiful city of Riga has many charms. Visitors flock here from all over Europe, and even further afield. Our beautiful architecture, rich history and welcoming hospitality have helped turn the city into one of the premier destinations in the region.

But one thing most guests, and even we locals, could do without is the winter weather. For even though the snow turns our old town into a winter wonderland, it does become very cold indeed.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to protect yourself against the frosty condition. Savoring a hot chocolate or perhaps a mug of mulled wine in one of our many cozy coffee shops, or going for a strenuous walk can help keep the cold at bay. But nothing works better than enjoying a sauna!

The sauna has a long history around the Baltic sea. The tradition of warming up a small log cabin with hot stones goes back many centuries. This sort of sweat lodge has helped the hardy people who have made this corner of Europe their home stay warm and healthy despite the harsh climate.

But a sauna is so much more than simply a place to stay warm! Saunas are used all through the year; not just during winter. This is because the many benefits a good sweat offers, should be enjoyed frequently.

A sauna offers a wealth of benefits

Having a sauna opens up your skin’s pores. It lets your body’s largest organ rid itself of toxins, and renew itself. After a sauna you will feel a glow. This is thanks to one of the most ancient and most efficient skin rejuvenation treatments that exist.

The treatment is not only beneficial for your skin. Your entire organism experiences a range of benefits thanks to a sauna. Your joints and muscles will never feel softer and more thoroughly relaxed than after a nice, long stay in a steamy sauna.

But perhaps most important of all are the effects on your wellbeing. Because a sauna is not simply a physical treatment. A sauna is also a spiritual experience. You will feel different. Very calm, profoundly serene, in the sauna. Your worries will melt away. All sense of stress and tension will evaporate in the steam. And you will find yourself in something close to a trance. A sauna can be a transcendental experience.

Enjoy a UV sauna here at Elien Spa

So where to find a good sauna when you’re in Riga and looking for the perfect escape from the wintry weather? Why not visit Elien Spa, right in the heart of the old town?

We offer not just a traditional Latvian sauna, but a top-modern version. In our brand-new UV sauna, you enjoy all the benefits of the ancient sauna practices of our forefathers, combined with the health-giving benefits of UV radiation.

This is the perfect way of staying nice and cozy, no matter the weather. We look forward to seeing you. A warm welcome is guaranteed!

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