On April 5th, 2015 we flinged the doors of our Elien SPA in the heart of Riga wide open for those, who would love to escape from all the daily hustle and spend some time with pleasure.

We called it Elien, as a sign of ultimate love to women and offered 30 years of our mutual experience for all our guests.

There are 2 people, working for you in the studio: Vladimir and Vija


Honestly, we are not magicians. We sincerely love what we do and prefer quality of «manual» performance to all other aspects of SPA business. Thereby, we were eyewitnesses of miraculous changes in lives of the people, who made the right call for deliberate self-care.

Our body gives us a signal, when we should substitute our shopping plans with something more important. It can happen that a person feels nervous and sick but doesn’t get any medical proof that something is wrong. Having a course of massage, which we thoroughly choose basing on the mentioned symptoms, makes our clients instantly feel brand new.

Massage can be an efficient way for emergency rescue. Riga in an intersection for so many European roads. More than 1 000 000 tourist visit Riga every year. And sometimes, what they need is not a doctor, but a massage therapist! Longing for beauty and new emotions often makes us exceed our physical abilities.

We are absolutely happy, when women open the door of Elien SPA, as they are the most aware SPA lovers. It can be hard to earn their trust, but once it’s done, they become the most loyal and devoted clients. Just 2 hours per week for massage or wrapping can energize supermoms, supergrannies, businesswomen and freelancers for scaling new heights.

We also would like to encourage men find time for themselves. classic massage and back massage are highly recommended to anyone with no exception.

We are open to new acquaintances and we know that our clients do not need Instagram filters.  What else can be better than beauty coming out from inside?

We welcome you in Riga and looking forward to meeting you in our SPA.


With love,
Elien Spa