Latvian Traditional Classic Massage

Straight spine is an important component of health and well-being. However, people could not even move a finger without a powerful muscle frame. It is often difficult to determine accurately the source of tension and pain - it seems that all body hurts.

Indeed, the human body is a unique mechanism, which means that you should have a comprehensive approach to solving problems. Precisely this approach is prescribed in the technique of classic massage. You can solve the following problem using this technique:

  • Elimination and relief of muscle pain;
  • Prevention of musculoskeletal problems;
  • Facilitating the state of digestive system disorders;
  • Relieving stress in collar zone;
  • Improving blood circulation and metabolism;
  • Removing fatigue and energizing;
  • Rehabilitation after trauma and surgeries;
  • Treatment of apathy, depression and stress;
  • Improving the quality of sleep and rest.

  • 1 hour - 70 euros
  • 1,5 hours - 100 euros
  • 2 hours – 130 euros


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