Abhyanga massage

It is a traditional Ayurveda oil ritual. According to Ayurveda doctrine, a person who wants to be healthy and prosper should oil his body every day. It is recommended to start every day with oiling the body that awakens important energy points.

The problem is that not everyone will decide to arrange a home oil session. At Elien SPA located in the center of Riga, nothing will prevent you from joining the culture of sacred Indian teachings.

Priorities of our therapists: intensive work with the body and ensuring the safety of the procedure.

Abhyanga professional massage affects the human body in the following way:

  • Energizes the body;
  • Calms the mind;
  • Softens and moisturizes skin;
  • Stimulates self-confidence;
  • Increases stamina and performance;
  • Improves the quality of sleep.

Abhyanga massage is an excellent gift to a sophisticated adherent of a healthy lifestyle and alternative medicine.

  • 1,5 hour – 145 euros


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