Sports Massage

Due to its special technique, this massage is considered to be the most intense and the first couple of sessions might feel painful for an untrained person. The feeling can be compared to the first workout after a long break.

After the course of sports massage, you will get an effect equivalent to several sessions in gym, namely:

  • Changing shape contours, modeling effect;
  • Muscular tone, lightness, increased efficiency;
  • Rapid return to the form after pregnancy and childbearing for women;
  • Effective correction of the consequences of rapid excess weight loss for men;
  • Relieving fatigue and energizing;
  • Emotional reloading;
  • Reduction of fat depot and cellulite;
  • Control over body;
  • Strengthening the immune system;
  • Changing the quality of life.

The sports massage is suitable for everyone: the professional athletes, fitness lovers and even those who do not attend gym at all.  It allows to quickly reach the desired body shape and to keep fit. Depending on your goals, you may choose one of the following options:


Before a workout: this massage will boost the stamina, prepare the body to a training and help to avoid the overpressure and sports-related injury.

After a workout: this massage will help to recover and make you feel brand new. The attention is mainly paid to those muscles, which were exposed to the major training load. The sports massage enriches the muscles with oxygen and frees from the lactic acid and toxins enrichment.

Instead of a workout: The sports massage is called «lazy fitness». It can model trim and well-shaped body. It reduces the fat depot, which leads to the muscular tone, better skin quality, cellulite reduction as well as speeds up the fat burning.

  • 1 hour - 95 euros
  • 1,5 hours - 140 euros



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